Beranda Info <strong>Wild O Clock Slot Review: RTP 95.69% (Red Tiger)</strong>

Wild O Clock Slot Review: RTP 95.69% (Red Tiger)

<strong></img>Wild O Clock Slot Review: RTP 95.69% (Red Tiger)</strong>

Are you searching for the Wild O Clock slot review as you wish to earn big prizes? The theme of this slot is the passing of time in all of the ways that humans have used to keep track of it. 

It’s a Red Tiger game with excellent graphics, thrilling features, and significant multipliers where we have a chance to win a huge jackpot. Since we haven’t seen this kind of story before, it’s a wonderful addition to the thousands of other slots that Red Tiger online casinos already provide.

A Brief of Wild O Clock Slot Review

With only 30 active lines and 6×4 reels, the Wild O’Clock slot online machine allows us to win more than 2,000 times our initial wager. 

We don’t really like the fact that the optimal RTP level is only 95.69% and that operators can select a lower setting for this game because it tends to have considerable volatility. 

In any event, this game has a solid selection of features for you to investigate, including stacked wilds, wild multipliers, a randomly occurring Lucky 12 O’Clock, and clock free spins with increasing multipliers.

1. Betting and Rewards

You will always be able to choose from the regular betting range of $0.10 to $40, which covers all 30 lines in the game. When it comes to possible winnings, they can exceed 2,000 times the initial wager in a single spin, which is a commendable sum that can only be reached with the aid of multipliers. 

According to the creator, it is a slot machine with high volatility, which implies that large fluctuations in luck are to be expected, from protracted losing streaks to those few rare occasions when luck strikes and you could become wealthy.

The maximum RTP has been set at 95.69%, but as the developer gives casinos a range of RTP options, there are also smaller values that might be used. For the specific number that applies to you, check the paytable or help area.

2. Game Features

There will be standard wild symbols available for you to use, and they serve a few purposes. Yes, they act as substitutes, but they also apply random multipliers that have an upper limit of 8x. The worth of the winnings to which they contributed would significantly increase.

You can activate the free spins if the emblem with the clock rotates appears three times. The subsequent 12 Clock Spins include a multiplier that keeps growing with each spin and a random pick of Super Wilds that will be added to the reels in the final round. 

The multiplier would then increase to 12x, and your chances of winning large would be at their highest. The free spins’ drawback is that they are quite challenging to activate, which is to be anticipated given how potent they are.

There is a feature called Lucky 12 O’Clock that will activate while you are playing the game for every 12 spins you use. 

The Super Wilds, which completely cover numerous columns, will be added to the reels in a random number of additions. Because these Super Wilds are reel-sized, they support all open lines.

3. Theme and Design

The game’s main theme is time, and its most prominent symbols will be the different ways in which we gauge the passage of time. The mechanism between the Sun and Moon at the top will change from round I to round XII. The Sun and Moon are at the top (1 to 12).

The clock spins logo, the Super Wild Wall Clock, the Wild Sun, Sun Dials, Hourglasses, Pocket Watches, Alarm Clocks, and a close-up of a watch face are among the emblems. 

Last but not least, there are four card suit icons. They have an intriguing design and gemstones, but other than that, they have nothing to do with the topic.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of situs slot gacor 2022 on Wild O Clock slot review, we like this slot when we examine everything that is available, but only so long as the RTP is close to the 96% that is currently thought to be average. Other than that, we enjoyed the artwork and other features, especially the large multipliers that may activate periodically.

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