Beranda Games <strong>King of Wealth Double Hit Review: RTP 94.3% (Ainsworth)</strong>

King of Wealth Double Hit Review: RTP 94.3% (Ainsworth)

<strong></img>King of Wealth Double Hit Review: RTP 94.3% (Ainsworth)</strong>

Are you looking for the King of Wealth Double Hit review? The Orient-inspired category is extensive, but not as extensive as the characters it frequently describes. 

In King of Wealth, we appear to be looking at a ruler from this country, albeit a former one, who displays his wealth as well as some culturally significant objects. This Ainsworth online slot has its merits in our opinion, but you can learn more about it in our situs slot gacor hari ini review.

Summary of King of Wealth Double Hit Review

King of Wealth: Double Hit gets its name from the addition of a special sixth bonus reel to the standard five reels of any modern video slot. It will award you one of the Double Hit jackpots, the value of which you can see at the top. 

Other features offered by this game include a 94.30% RTP, which may deter some players, as well as free spins, scatters, and additional options. If you go in, you can expect to find a medium-volatility slot machine.

1. Wagering Options

Every round of this slot machine’s betting process will necessitate the use of 25 lines. You can choose the wagering amount for each one, and it will always be a multiple of 25. It will begin at $0.25 and rise to significant heights from there. 

You may want to keep your wager small at first while you learn how the game works and decide if you enjoy it. 

In terms of the prizes you’ll receive in King of Wealth, there will be two types. One will be won through the Double Hit feature, and the jackpots are known as Minor and Major. Regular winning combos should also be considered, especially during free spins, when the King of Wealth is available to assist you.

It’s important to understand that you’re playing a Medium volatility slot machine when it comes to how the game behaves. This means it will give you rewards of reasonable size, but they will not be frequent. 

However, you will not have to wait for very long. One of the disadvantages of this slot machine is its RTP of 94.30%, which is lower than the 96% we usually recommend.

2. Game Features

The Double Hit system is one of King of Wealth’s distinguishing features. It features a sixth reel with only one symbol to display. 

You must first have a 5-symbol win in the main game area to take advantage of it and possibly win one of the two bonus jackpots available. Second, a special symbol must appear simultaneously on the 6th reel.

The Treasure Collector scatters, which trigger 10 free spins, are on the more standard side of the features. For this feature, only the middle columns have King of Wealth icons.

3. Theme and Design

It’s an Orient and rich ruler style theme, which appears to be a popular choice among developers working in that region. 

Chinese writing, pots with drawings on the side, jade dragons, pots with gold ingots, fruit trees, and the King himself are some of the other symbols that have been added.

Final Words

In the end of King of Wealth Double Hit review, the game has a decent design, a low RTP, and a fun extra reel feature, though it isn’t unique to this game. But if you still want to give a try to this slot, you can play it at several online casinos, such as

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