Home Games Tetris Extreme Slot Review: Free Spins, RTP & Features

Tetris Extreme Slot Review: Free Spins, RTP & Features

Tetris Extreme Slot Review: Free Spins, RTP & Features

Tetris Extreme Slot Review. An old folk ballad from mother Russia, which belongs to the nineteenth century, describes the story of a vendor and a girl bargaining over products. Underneath the encounter’s outward appearances are complex metaphors of romance. This song is known as “the Tetris Song” to people outside of Russia, who refer to it as Korobeiniki.

It made an appearance in several versions of the game, most notably the N-Blox edition, and it now has a prominent position in Red7’s Tetris Extreme Slot, a collaboration between SG Digital and Red7. Since its 1984 debut, Tetris has been purchased or downloaded more than 170 million times.

The fact that it took this long to transition to slot form makes it the most played game of all time. It’s a risky move to turn the most played video game of all time into a slot machine. Can Red7 handle the challenge? Let’s investigate.

The moment the game loads and the grandiose soundtrack begins, the pro column receives its first checkmark. If that’s your thing, you can discover a 10-hour version of the song on YouTube since some fans are that passionate for it.

Not to mention remixes in the styles of techno, dubstep, happy hardcore, hard house, and hard house, to name a few. It’s obvious that this song touched someone. Moving on, stake levels can be chosen from 20 percent to £/€100 per wager. At least initially, when you press the spin button, things become tricky.

Blocks start to fall and eventually fill the entire grid. This does not necessarily imply the game is over, unlike traditional Tetris. Each time a line is cleared, one is added to the meter next to the grid, and any full lines are eliminated to make room for additional blocks to fall. The multiplier, which has a maximum value of x50, increases as the meter climbs.

If there is a cluster of nine or more identical individual squares at the conclusion of each spin, when no more lines may be formed, you have won. The multiplier on the left is applied to the win amount, and the total is then paid out. Sounds complicated? It is a little bit, but give the demo a try; after a few spins, everything will become clear.

No matter what color they are, blocks pay the same, and 25 or more are worth 8 times the stake on their own before the multiplier kicks in. In the base game, the multiplier can go as high as x50, and it can go substantially higher in the bonus round, allowing for respectable victories.

Tetris Extreme Slot comes in two variations, one linked to a progressive jackpot named Mega Drop and the other a stand-alone slot. Two factors make the Mega Drop variant far more appealing. One is, of course, the jackpots, but there is also the RTP, which is 96.09%, as opposed to the much less acceptable 94.09% for the non-Mega Drop variant.

Tetris Extreme Slot: Features

A player receives 10 Free Spins if they successfully clean 15 or more lines in a single turn. The Gold Tetromino is an additional feature of the free spins, which otherwise follow the same rules as standard game spins. During a free spin, this golden block may fall at any time.

If a line clear is utilized, the line clear multiplier is then multiplied by x 5 as well. There should be the possibility for some huge hits given that during our test rounds we were able to reach multipliers of over 100x multiple times. The multiplier resets after every unsuccessful spin, so it rarely seems to have any effect.

As previously indicated, Tetris Extreme Slot may be connected to the Mega Drop progressive prize. Two percent of each wager is taken out and put into the Minor, Major, and Epic jackpots. Each jackpot has deadlines that are visible on the main game screen and can be won randomly on any spin.

Tetris Extreme Slot: Verdict

High expectations make it challenging to review Tetris Extreme Slot. Since Tetris is so popular, it merits something outstanding to honor it. Tetris Extreme seems a little underwhelming at first, but if you give it some time, you might come to like it. Things aren’t particularly innovative graphically, but neither was the original.

Tetris was never known for its cutting-edge aesthetics; instead, the game was known for its incredible playability and the simple joy of connecting blocks. It should be like shooting rats in a barrel to add betting alternatives to that degree of playability, right? It is and it isn’t, I suppose. The gameplay of Tetris Extreme also takes some getting used to, but once it does, it can be pretty fun.

Spins initially seem sluggish because it takes some time for successive line clears to run. Most slots don’t move this slowly, so at first it could seem tedious. Again, give it some time and you might come around to the novel mechanic. The significant multipliers that can come from a strong run of line clears are helpful. 

Potentially, a line clear of at least 25 blocks and a complete multiplier of x100 will pay out 2,500 times the bet. Not outstanding, but not bad either. However, it’s important to note that despite spending several hours testing, we never truly had a solid bonus (nothing over 100x). Although not unusual for volatile slots, the little wins quickly become monotonous.

Since the cat is out of the bag now, Tetris might reappear in a slot. There must be other coders out there that believe they can do a better job because it’s simply too fantastic of an opportunity to miss. Tetris Extreme Slot manages to be a passable slot, but you can’t help but have the impression that it should have been much better. Find out more at okeplay777 login.

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