Home Games Slot review for Gears of Time: Theme, RTP, Variance, and How to Play

Slot review for Gears of Time: Theme, RTP, Variance, and How to Play

Slot review for Gears of Time: Theme, RTP, Variance, and How to Play

A futuristic online slot machine game from Betsoft that transports players across time and space is called Gears of Time. The game has a distinctive design and fascinating elements that might result in significant prizes. We shall examine the Gears of Time slot game and its features in more detail in this article.

Theme Gears of Time Slot Demo

Time travel and futuristic technologies are central to the Gears of Time concept. The game’s reels are located in a lab, and different time travel devices and gadgets may be seen in the distance. Gears, time machines, crystals, and other futuristic objects are among the symbols on the reels. The game’s design is visually spectacular, and it has compelling music that heightens the sci-fi setting.


Cluster payouts are used in the 5-reel, 5-row video slot game Gears of Time. Players can win payments by lining up groups of matching symbols on the reels as opposed to conventional paylines. Moreover, the game has a cascading reels mechanic, in which winning clusters vanish from the reels so that fresh symbols can drop into position and possibly produce more winning combinations.

Variance and RTP

Gears of Time has an RTP (return to player) of 96.98%, which is higher than the industry standard for online slot machines. The game is categorized as having a high variance, which implies that although large rewards may be possible, they might not occur frequently. As a result, anyone seeking a high-risk, high-reward gaming experience should choose this game.

Added Benefits

A unique extra element in Gears of Time slot demo allows players to improve their earnings.

Time-traveling capabilities

The time-traveling aspect of the game appears at odd times while you’re playing. Players will then be moved to a different time period and given a random multiplier for their subsequent spins. Any winning clusters that land on the reels can have their worth greatly increased by the multipliers, which can be anywhere between 2x and 10x.

Bonus Time Warp

Players must land three or more bonus symbols on the reels in order to access the time warp bonus feature of the game. Players will then be directed to a mini-game where they can spin a wheel to see how many free spins they will get as a result. Every spin will have the game’s time-traveling feature activated throughout the free spins, giving players extra chances to boost their prizes.

Playing Gears of Time slot demo is simple and uncomplicated. Players only need to choose their stake size using the controls at the bottom of the screen to begin the game. There are numerous betting options available in this game, ranging from $0.20 each spin to $20 per spin.

After deciding on their stake size, players can start the game by clicking the spin button. When the reels have spun, any clusters of winning symbols will be paid out in accordance with the paytable. The game also has an auto-play feature that lets users choose how many spins the game should play automatically.


All things considered, Gears of Time slot demo is a standout online slot game with gorgeous visuals that gives players a chance to win large thanks to its unique features. The design and idea of the game are intriguing, and the extra elements have the potential to provide some substantial winnings. Due to its high volatility, the game presents players with a high-risk, high-reward gaming experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an exciting and potentially profitable gaming experience. Check out Gears of Time if you enjoy science fiction or are just searching for a fresh and fun online slot game on Situs Slot Gacor.

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