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Bonanza Gold Slot Demo

Bonanza Gold Slot Demo

Dig for gold with us in the Bonanza Gold slot demo, the 5×6, 20 payline video slot, and multiplier symbol can trigger the Tumble feature with a massive 100x multiplier in Free Spins mode. Ready, let’s go.

How to Play Bonanza Gold Slot Demo 

The mines in the Bonanza Gold slot demo are filled with precious gems, so filling your cart with shiny, multi-colored gems looks worthy. And when your cart is full, it’s good to leave the mine with a few treasures. If the pile of rocks blocks the exit of the mine, light the dynamite stick and prepare for a landslide win!

Bonanza Gold slot demo is a fun-filled video slot that brings our favorite Tumbling feature, like Sweet Bonanza, to the table along with a round of free spins. with a multiplier symbol in the form of gold nuggets

The Gameplay of Bonanza Gold

Bonanza Gems is an online slot with 20 paylines taking place in a 5×6 reel setting. The RTP is 96.6% while its volatility is rated moderate. You can choose to play this slot game on nhtreatment.org site. The symbols come on the screen in groups and represent precious gems of all shapes and sizes, about-exploding TNT bombs and gold nuggets that appear only in free game rounds.

  • Pink Gem – Pays 50x your bet for 12+ in a group of adjacent groups.
  • Orange Gem – Pays 25x your bet for 12+ in a group in a row.
  • Purple Gem – Pays 15x your stake for 12+ characters in adjacent groups.
  • Blue Gem – Pays 12x your bet for 12+ characters in a group in a row.
  • Dark Blue Gem – Pays 10x your stake for 12+ characters in a group in a row.
  • Spades – Pays 8x your stake for 12+ characters in a group of adjacent groups.
  • Hearts – Pays 5x your stake for 12+ characters in adjacent groups.
  • Clubs – Pays 4x your stake for 12+ in a group of adjacent groups.
  • Diamonds- Pays 2 times your stake for 12+ characters in adjacent groups.

The Scatter symbol can turn your winnings into pure gold as it is a live-wired bomb that can land on all reels and pay in any position. This symbol also pays 100x your bet if you land 6 in a group.

During the Free Spins feature, you will be playing with a special symbol: the Golden Nugget.  Seeing this symbol with a 100x multiplier can mean just about anything. Single: You just hit gold!

How To Win Bonanza Gold slot demo

Bonanza Gold slot demo introduces a Tumbling feature that brings new symbols to the grid, Free Spins mode comes with extra symbols and an Ante Bet. 

  • Features Free Spins

Activate this round with four or more Scatter symbols landing on the reels or buy using the Buy Free Spins option. This feature starts with 10 free spins but you can play more if you hit at least 3 scatter symbols during the main round.

Multiplier symbols can land on all reels and stay on screen until the Tumble session ends. They can also get any value from 2x to 100x. The game will multiply all available multiplier symbols on screen. and applies the final value to the total wins of the Tumble sequence.

  • Tumble Features

This property is basically the way symbols land on the screen. The reels spin differently where the symbols that belong to the group can be taken from the top of the screen. After each combination is exhausted, payouts are made and the symbols that make up the paylines disappear. But there will still be other symbols that still fall to the bottom of the grid, taking up empty positions below. 

The Tumble session will continue until there are no more winning combinations as a result of triggering this feature. The good news is that there is no limit on the number of attempts. This can continue the game if the combination remains.

  • Ante Bet

The game gives you the opportunity to choose the bet multiplier you want to play. So depending on the bet you choose, the game behaves differently:

Bet Multiplier 20x – Once the option is activated you can buy a round of free spins for 100x your total stake.

25x Bet Multiplier – Activate this option from the left side of the screen and the game will double your chances of hitting free games. This means that Scatter symbols are added to the reels. If you select this option please note that you will not be able to purchase free spins. You cannot have a 20x bet multiplier and a 25x bet multiplier active at the same time. 

Summarise of Bonanza Gold Slot Demo

Bonanza Gold slot demo is an exciting game that offers 10 highly winning free spins and a spin feature that adds new symbols to the table on the same spin. Biggest wins with at least 4 TNT Bomb symbols on screen or land 100x more multiplier symbols and get ready for a HUGE golden surprise. 

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